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Siobhan Maguire-Swartz

Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Are you pretending you're ok when actually you're not?

Do you have difficulty talking about your feelings and asking for support?

Do you feel unheard or unseen?

Do you struggle creating and maintaining clear boundaries in relationships?

Are you having trouble asserting yourself and communicating your needs?

Have you found yourself getting stuck in the same cycles and repeating patterns?


Those are just some of the reasons that people come to therapy. Whatever your reasons for seeking support, I am here to listen without distraction, to fully see, hear and accept you in your wholeness, without judgement, with care, compassion and empathy.

I can help you to explore anything that is impacting your everyday life, functioning and wellbeing, to become more choiceful in how you live your life, to feel more confident, resilient and empowered.

We can begin to unpick the roots of your issues, exploring ways to express and manage your emotions through acceptance and self-compassion to enable you to move on from your past to forge a more hopeful future where you are more in control!

I welcome people of all nationalities, races, religions, ages, genders, disabilities and those from the LGBTQ+ community and people with neurodivergencies.



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