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My Approach

I trained in the Humanistic style, meaning I integrate a range of psychotherapeutic theories including:

Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Person-Centred Therapy and Relational techniques. 

Having worked with my body as a dance artist for nearly 20 years, I am able to offer a more embodied, somatic-based approach if requested.


I want clients to feel comfortable when embarking on therapy, it can be a vulnerable and unsettling time. I am a friendly, down-to-earth, genuine person. I offer a warm, kind, compassionate space where trust can be built through patience and empathy.

I will not judge you, I will listen and help you to explore both past and present issues that may be holding you back and causing you difficulties.

Through establishing a therapeutic relationship, our sessions will give you the time and space to truly be heard in whatever you choose to bring.

All feelings are welcome, and I aim to support you to find more emotional balance where a centred and grounded connection in your mind and body can aid healing and growth.



How can Therapy help?....






The key to change is awareness, we don’t change through wanting to change....we change through being aware in the moment and choosing to do something different.


Therapy helps us to unlock that awareness and gives us the tools and the power to react differently in the moment.


There is no telling how long that process will take....

I offer open-ended contracts for deeper, more long-term psychotherapeutic work, and shorter-term contracts if you prefer to focus on a particular issue or life event.

The minimum contract commitment I encourage is 12 sessions.

All contracts are reviewed regularly.

          Common areas of focus

          for my clients are :


·         SELF-WORTH

·         SELF-ESTEEM

·         SELF-BELIEF

·         CONFIDENCE


·         AUTONOMY

·         BOUNDARIES

·         COMPASSION

·         ACCEPTANCE

·         SELF-CARE


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